Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review of Samsung Cash Registers

In addition to having worked with multiple tablet, computer, and smartphone point of sale systems over the years, I've also worked with traditional cash registers. While cash registers might be considered a dying breed, there are still valid reasons why some businesses can only consider cash registers as a viable option.

The two most common reasons are lack of internet connectivity and lack of sales volume.  A small business generating under $100,000 in annual gross sales is likely not able to afford even a $75/month tablet-based point of sale system.  Depending on the location of the business, I've found that reliable and secure high speed internet access is still not available in all areas.

My thoughts on the Samsung Sam4S line of cash registers:

The Good:
  • Durable
  • Wide range of models and prices to match any budget
  • More advanced options like touch screens are easily available
  • Use current technology like USB and SD cards
  • Wide variety of options for more advanced functions
The OK:
  • Still not a true point of sale system
  • Can take some time to learn how to program depending on the model
  • Can lose their programming if left unplugged for too long
  • Future of cash registers
  • Connecting the registers together can be somewhat complicated unless you have been trained by Samsung.
 The Not so Good:
  • Can't really think of anything other than how EMV standards might effect those who use the cash registers with credit and debit card processing equipment attached to the cash register.

I actually visited the US distribution center in Minneapolis a few months ago and was impressed with the solutions from Samsung.  Over the years I've been able to see  how the registers are programmed and installed.  Even as a tablet and smartphone systems become more popular, there still appears to be a small niche of businesses were only a cash register makes sense.

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