Monday, February 14, 2022

Why EZ Sprits POS Users are Switching to Cloud Retailer POS

 The folks at EZ Spirits POS in Kansas have set a Feb 28, 2022 deadline for customers to use one of two companies for credit card processing/merchant services. If the customer does not switch to either Heartland or Processing Partners for merchant services, the integrated processing will not work in EZ Spirits.

This has prompted several liquor stores in Kansas to switch to the Cloud Retailer liquor store point of sale software. Unlike EZ Spirits, integrated credit card processing in Cloud Retailer POS can work with multiple processors like First Data, Heartland, TSYS, NAB, Clearent, and Beyond.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

You'd be crazy not to use the Cloud Retailer POS software

 Found this on Twitter - Cloud Retailer POS is designed specifically for beer/wine/liquor/vape retailers

Cloud Retailer can be reached at 888-267-7483