Monday, February 27, 2023

Liquor Store Increased Profit Case Study Summary

 A 2 minute overview of the case study results showing how multiple independently owned liquor stores in the United States increased their monthly profits by an average of $2400 a month.

For more information please visit or email or call 888-267-7483


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Travel Schedule and Trade Shows That I Will Be At

 Wow - so I completely spaced out sharing where I am headed to in 2023! This is a mix of customer site visits and trade shows:

  1. Tulsa, OK (Jan 2023)
  2. Central Texas (Jan 2023)
  3. Seattle - Tacoma (March 2023)
  4. MMBA - Minnesota (April/May 2023)
  5. BARC - Missouri (June 2023)
  6. Local - Idaho and Wyoming (TBD)
  7. TPSA - Texas (July 2023)
  8. Local - Nevada (August 2023)
  9. Local - Oregon (September 2023)
  10. MMDA - Pennsylvania (October 2023)

And, of course, a mix of Wisconsin and other states as time and associations/stores request me to be onsite.

Contact me at or 208-340-5632 if we should meet in person.


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

OLCC RFP Is Out for a New ERP System for All Liquor Stores in Oregon

 Bid Notification is out on the OregonBuys website. Look for OLCC Distilled Spirits Supply Chain RFP.  You must be a registered vendor/supplier to see the RFP and respond.

I am responding to the RFP by personal invitation given multiple existing relationships with liquor stores all across Oregon who would love to see the Cloud Retailer liquor store point of sale software in their stores.

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Liquor Stores: Your Employees are Stealing from You!

43.9% of retail theft is employee theft. Not all of the employee theft (internal shrinkage) is intentional. Here are some tips to combat employee theft in liquor stores:


Friday, January 13, 2023

I think that liquor stores in Oklahoma REALLY like the Cloud Retailer Liquor Store POS Software!

 Just wrapped up meeting with liquor stores in Oklahoma that are using the Cloud Retailer point of sale software for beer, wine, and liquor stores. I think that they are happy! I'm headed to Texas next!

Monday, January 2, 2023

The Results are In! Why Liquor Stores Love the Cloud Retailer POS software for Liquor Stores!

 Customer feedback says is all! The folks at RITE have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from Liquor Stores who use the Cloud Retailer point of sale software for liquor stores! The additional $2000+ in month profit that these liquor stores are obtaining through the use of Dual Pricing is icing on the cake. More information at, or 888-267-7483.

More detailed information: