Monday, December 26, 2022

References for Cloud Retailer liquor store POS and Dual Pricing

 A quick note that I have now confirmed some data with liquor stores that use the Cloud Retailer liquor store point of sale software and Dual Pricing!

Net summary is that:

  1. These liquor stores have not lost any customers by using Dual Pricing 
  2. These liquor stores are adding $800 to $3000 each month by no longer having to pay credit card processing/merchant services fees
  3. These liquor stores are happy be a reference for both Cloud Retailer POS and the use of Dual Pricing.

Please contact me for details are or 208-340-5632 and your beer, wine or liquor store can starting increasing your monthly profits as well!

Monday, December 19, 2022

Cloud Retailer Liquor Store POS is Keepin' Me Busy!

 Wow! The Cloud Retailer point of sale software for beer, wine and liquor stores is keeping me busy! The most popular states have been Texas and Oklahoma. In fact, I'm headed to Oklahoma and Texas in early 2023 (weather permitting) to meet with around 20 different liquor stores in these states.

The liquor store owners and managers really liked that Cloud Retailer is designed specifically for beer, wine and liquor stores and is not just general retail point of sale software. The addition of Dual Pricing in Cloud Retailer also creates a significant financial incentive for beer, wine and liquor stores to use Cloud Retailer.

Please note that I am already booked with installations and meetings with liquor store owners and managers through early 2023 thanks to Cloud Retailer POS! 

If you happen to be a beer, wine or liquor store manager/owner, it is highly advisable that you take a look at Cloud Retailer POS - especially the Dual Pricing option in Cloud Retailer which can add $2000 or more each month in additional profit.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Prop 125 Passed But Colorado Liquor Stores Can Still Compete Against Grocery Stores


So, Proposition 125 passed which will allow grocery and convenience stores in Colorado to start selling wine on March 1st 2023. While this is disappointing to liquor store owners in Colorado, there are some ways to compete. Having visited hundreds of liquor stores across the US, including stores located in states that already allow the sale of beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores, I have gathered these various tips:

  1. You can decide to only sell spirits and eliminate beer and wine from your product mix.

  2. Convenience stores and many grocery stores will not have the same selection of wines that a liquor store can offer. Consider offering price matching for wines that the convenience and grocery stores actually sell.

  3. Offer special ordering options - convenience and grocery stores generally don't offer any way to special order a specific wine.

  4. Have a customer loyalty program as a way to encourage loyal repeat customers.

  5. Have a "good neighbor" discount for local loyal customers. This can normally be done via a button at the point of sale software screen.

  6. Have an employee mystery shop the grocery store to know what wines they offer and at what price (or look at their weekly online ads). You could also do this with any nearby convenience stores.

  7. Be wary of customers that will use your wine knowledge but then go to the grocery store to make the actual purchase (aka "floor shoppers"). Recommend wines that are not available at a convenience store or grocery store.

  8. Use Dual Pricing so you can at least re-coup merchant services fees when price matching. This will increase your margin by around 2.5%.

  9. Use the Cloud Retailer liquor store point of sale software so you can adjust margins by individual product instead of by department or category.

What tips, questions, or suggestions do you have? Please share them by contacting Kevin Antosh at 208-340-5632 or