Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Welcome to Some New and Upgrading Retailers

Very happy to share that the following retailers have signed on with myself over the last 30 days.  I look forward to working with you!
  • Jason's Wine and Spirits in California: Microsoft Dynamics RMS Enhancements
  • United Beauty Supply in Arizona: Microsoft Dynamics RMS Enhancements
  • World of Nutrition in Idaho: Card Defender for Microsoft Dynamics RMS
  • TroutFitter in California: Upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics RMS to Retail Management Hero
As always, contact me at 208-340-5632 or with retail and restaurant point of sale related questions.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Sweet Updates to Sapphire from Khamu Systems

Always good to spend some time chatting with the folks at Khamu specific to their Sapphire hospitality point of sale system! As a former restaurant manager, I really enjoying working with folks who understand how restaurants work.  Because of my past background working with MICROS/Oracle and QuickPOS/NextPOS/Adelo, I've really found that the folks at Khamu know how to deliver an awesome POS system without the expense of other POS systems like Digital Dining, Aloha, and MICROS/Oracle.  In fact, I've never had a single complaint from anyone who purchased Sapphire!

On to the "sweet" list of recent upgrades to the Sapphire point of sale software from Khamu:
  • Refreshed User Interface
  • Ability to include menu images
  • Self ordering kiosk (wow!!!)
  • Include kitchen notes
  • Variable purchase options - including paying a monthly subscription fee
Down the road will be even more enhancements like various third party integrations.

Visit for more information on Sapphire.

If you want some unbiased advice specific to restaurant/hospitality point of sale systems, please contact me at 208-340-5632 or

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

2017 Retail Realm Conference News

A few highlights out of last weeks Retail Realm Conference. Lots of great things happening but do note that just about everything is subject to change!

  • Microsoft is working on a retail specific solution within the Dynamics family (eg: AX and D365)
  • Work on Retail Management Hero (RMH) Central continues. Initial release should be in late spring or summer 2018. Much easier to use when compared to RMS HQ (few to no worksheets) and also web based syncing. Pricing for RMH Central is tentatively set at $360/year per user and $360/year per store.
  • iPad version of RMH was shown - requires (for now) that Shift4 be used for merchant services.
A quick reminder that is updated regularly as new add-ons become available for the Retail Management Hero point of sale software.

Please do call (208-340-5632) or email me ( with any retail point of sale related questions.

Friday, November 17, 2017

NCR CounterPoint Users Forum Activity


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That's what this NCR Counterpoint® SQL User asks.  
Two suggestions are given.  One balances the books with a journal entry.  The other does it without. 
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Minibar for Liquor Store

One of the liquor stores that I work with uses Minibar ( for an e-commerce solution that integrates with their POS system. I spent some time chatting with the folks at Minibar to learn more about what they offer specific to the Beer/Wine/Liquor retail vertical.  Here are some notes:

Minibar has been around for 4 years and has clients in 44 states. They have some degree of integration with over 30 different point of sale systems (!).  The concept is that Minibar provides the technology needed for retailers in the beer/wine/liquor vertical to have e-commerce and delivery options to increase revenue.

Minibar simply takes a percent of sales or a flat fee, depending on local regulations.

Pretty cool concept and an awesome way to increase revenue beyond traditional onsite sales. Plus, you don't have to be a tech guru to use Minibar so you can focus on running your business.

As always, I can be reached at 208-340-5632 or for questions related to point of sale systems for all type of retail store.

Monday, November 13, 2017

RITE Wins the "Strategic Solution Provider" award at the 2017 Retail Realm Conference

Some news out of the 2017 Retail Realm Conference: RITE (Sartell, MN and Boise, ID) won the "Strategic Solution Provider" award at the 2017 Retail Realm Conference.

As more news comes out of the conference, I will pass along. Specifically, anything related to Retail Management Hero (RMH), RMH Central, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail.

Questions? You can reach me at 208-340-5632 or

Microsoft Dynamics RMS Hotfix List

I've posted about all the hot fix, version, and cumulative updates to the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software in the past but here is information specific to 2015-2017. You will need an active CustomerSource account to access these hot fixes or help from a Microsoft Dynamics RMS Partner. If you are in need of a Microsoft Dynamics RMS Partner then please contact me at 208-340-5632 or

Number/​Date Issue Summary Build
Hotfix #60

  • The following error occurs when trying to backup an RMS 2.0 database on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 when using SQL 2012 R2: 
    Backup failed for server 'server name'.
  • ​A join to the [Transaction] table has been added to the Accounts Receivable report to allow for the report to be customized to display additional columns.
Hotfix #59

  • When you try to settle a payment connector EDC transaction you receive the following error message. This is caused by a transaction being settled in Dynamics Online Payment Services but not in RMS. This fix settles all possible transactions to help narrow down the issue. 
    Error: Payment card number is required.
  • ​After you disable the "Allowed to change tax status" cashier permission in Store Operation Manager, cashiers can still change the tax status in Store Operations POS.
  • The "Hide items with no discrepancies" button on the Physical Inventory Discrepancy form isn't available if the button is disabled for users who have a different security level in Store Operations Manager.
Hotfix #58

  • ​When you tender a recalled credit card transaction for return, in Store Operations POS, the card is charged and not refunded if you are using Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Processing.
  • When you use a Gasoline item after you install hotfix KB2991974, you receive the following error message:
"Validation Error 311: The amount for this tender cannot exceed the purchase amount."​
Hotfix #57

  • When you return an item with a $0.00 price in Store Operations POS, you receive the following error message: "Runtime error '3021': Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted."
    In Store Operations Manager, when you use the Dynamics Online Payment Connector for payment processing, the Electronic Draft Capture Detailed report shows returns with a status of open. 
    In Store Operations Manager, when you use Preferred Acquirer for payment processing, the Electronic Draft Capture Detailed report shows returns with a status of open.
Hotfix #56

  • New warning messages are introduced to help prevent entry of incorrect database configuration settings in Headquarters Client. After Hotfix #54 was installed, the message displayed would not allow you to process a voucher until the settings were fixed. This fix allows the cashier to continue with the mismatched settings.
    Note This hotfix rolls back a previous change that required registry settings to be updated manually. Any registry settings that have already been entered do not have to be removed.
Hotfix #55

  • When you close Store Operations POS, the SOPOSUSER.exe service does not stop. This causes a problem when you try to reopen Store Operations POS. When you double-click to reopen Store Operations POS, nothing happens. To have Store Operations POS opened, you have to go into the Windows Task Manager, and then manually stop the SOPOSUSER.exe process first.Adds a new Dynamics Online Payment Services Electronic Draft Capture report in Store Operations Manager. Note This resembles the previously available report when you use TSYS.
Hotfix #54

  • When security is enable to prevent a cashier for editing a Purchase Order in Store Operations Manager, cashiers who have the right to edit a Purchase Order are also unable to edit a Purchase Order.
  • When you try to tender a transaction with a global voucher, you receive the following warning message in Store Operations POS:
The voucher sale cannot be completed because Voucher Client is not configured with the correct store database. To proceed with this sale without the voucher, void the voucher line item.
  • When you are working on an order, the Add Items item list in the Purchase Order, Inventory Transfer In, or Inventory Transfer Out window periodically updates and moves the pointer focus to the top of the list. ​
Hotfix #53

  • When you add a sale schedule to a Matrix Code in Store Operations Manager, the sale is not enabled for the corresponding component items. 
    You must settle transactions before making changes to your Payment Connector configuration. 

    You must settle transactions before making changes to your Payment Connector configuration. 

    When you try to add details to a transaction or set multiple quantities per line item in Store Operations POS, you receive the following error message: 
    Run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set.​
  • When you have unsettled electronic draft capture (EDC) transactions in a database, you can switch between Test Mode and Production Mode in the Store Operations Administrator Dynamics Payment Connector window. After you apply this hotfix, if there are unsettled EDC transactions in the database, the following warning message will be displayed when you try to save changes in the Dynamics Payment Connector window: 
​​​Hotfix #52


  • You receive the following message when you try to tender a transaction with more than one tender type: “The change tender cannot be determined. Adjust tendered amounts as needed.”

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Retail Management Hero Differences - Merchant Services

OK - not one of my more exciting videos but there are some key differences in how Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Retail Management Hero (RMH) handle credit card processing. The video highlights the differences and also touches on how Card Defender applies to both RMS and RMH.

You can always contact me at or 208-340-5632 with questions related to RMS, RMH and/or Card Defender.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Using Card Defender or Cloud Retailer (or another POS system) and Want to Change Processors?

Great article about changing processors or merchant services companies. We all see or hear from merchant services salespeople on a weekly basis so it can be tempting to switch in the interest of better rates, better service, and/or better equipment.

While this article is specific to Cloud Retailer and Card Defender, the advice applies to just about anyone who takes payment via debit and credit card. Some basic planning and coordination makes the change process go more smoothly - having worked with 1000's of businesses over the years I can attest to how important it is to have a reputable and reachable merchant services provider!

While not always the case, some merchant services companies are willing to cover the costs related to switching merchant services companies as a way to earn your business (it never hurts to ask).

You can always contact me at or 208-340-5632 for personal recommendations as I do not work for, or represent, any merchant services companies.

The article can be found here: