Monday, May 13, 2013

Updates to NCR Silver/Special Pricing

Here are some of the more recent updates to the NCR Silver point of sale software:

  • Category, Item & Modifier Sorting – Adjust the order in which categories, items, and modifiers are displayed on the POS from the back office using the Sort Order button. For new set-up, categories are also set to auto color code unless checked off.
  • Multi tax jurisdiction option – If local regulations require the calculation and display of taxes at multiple levels, an option is now available to support this level of detail. Set up multiple jurisdictions like City, County, and State in the back office, with the individual tax rate details shown on the customer receipt and tax reports.
  • Enhanced Sale Summary Report – – Now link directly to an individual date listed on the Sales Summary Report and go to the Daily Summary Report for that day.
  • Enhanced Customer Assignment – Expanding on previously-introduced functionality to assign a customer to a ticket based on a credit card swipe, it is now possible to swipe a card prior to starting a ticket to quickly assign a customer. Swipe at the end of the transaction to initiate payment process is still required.
  • Back Office User Interface Enhancements – The new look and feel of NCR Silver Back Office revealed in our last release has been applied across all screens, giving you a consistent experience when using the back office.
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