Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Tip – Recording Email Addresses

I had planned on starting a series on how to use the user defined fields in point of sale software but realized that we have a holiday next week so I will start the user defined fields information in June.

For marketing purposes or for general communication, it is always helpful to capture email addresses from your customers. It is pretty easy as both Microsoft RMS Store Operations and NCR CounterPoint have a field to enter the customers email address.

RMS Store Operations users will see the email field under the “Billing Information” tab when looking up or entering customer information:

NCR CounterPoint users will see something similar (depending how you have CounterPoint set up for either Quick or Full Customer Entry screen):

You can run reports in each program to export email addresses to programs like Constant Contact but keep in mind that both Microsoft RMS and NCR CounterPoint have optional utilities for email marketing so you don't need to use third party programs like Constant Contact.

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