Monday, May 13, 2013

NCR Smart Alerts New Release

I just received an update that NCR plans a new release of their Smart Alerts for the end of May.  NCR Smart Alerts works in conjunction with NCR CounterPoint point of sale software to send you text and email alerts when certain activities happen in your store.  I usually break the texts and emails into three different types:
  1. Good Stuff like you just exceeded $5000 in sales for the day
  2. No So Good Stuff like an employee just gave someone a 99% discount off of a $500 purchase
  3. FYI Stuff like general sales data for the day
Smart Alerts keep you connected to your store without you having to physically be at the store.

Here is more information on the planned updates to NCR Smart Alerts

Alert Enhancements
  • Discount Over Percentage Alert has been enhanced to include ticket level discounts
  • Large Sale alert has been enhanced to include the customer’s name, phone number, and e-mail address (if present). This enables the merchant to immediately thank the customer if they choose.  Now that’s customer service!
Website enhancements:
  • Ability to enter custom dollar amounts for alert values if the dollar amount is not represented in the drop down.
  • A “Holiday Schedule” button for stores, which allows you to specify days that a store is closed.
  • Ability to change the carrier for SMS subscribers
  • Alert selection for subscribers has changed from a drop down to a tree view
  • Updated Installation Agent documentation
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