Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why a Cash Register Can Still Be the Best Solution

Even with all the tablet, smart-phone, and computer based point of systems available on the market, there is still a large market for high end cash registers ("high end" means the $500 -$2000 cash registers and not the "do it yourself" cash registers that the office supply and warehouse stores sell).

The main market for the Sam4S (Samsung) line of cash registers fits in to some or all of these bullet points:
  • No need to track individual items
  • No need to have the system generate purchase orders
  • No Internet access (this is a big one)
  • Volume and technology needs do not justify investing in anything beyond a cash register (generally a sales volume under $250,000 annually means that a cash register is a better investment).
  • Business is seasonal or only open for specific events
The Sam4S line of cash registers actually has some fairly advanced features, depending on  the model that be fits your business needs. Some of these features include:
  • Touch screens
  • Built in credit card processing
  • Connection to a Windows based computer for reporting and programming
  • Cash registers can be networked together
  • Data from the cash registers can be sent to QuickBooks Accounting
  • Barcode scanner can be attached to the cash register
  • Remote kitchen printer for use in bars and restaurants
There are quite a few other options - it just depends which model is best for you and your business. Pricing starts around $500 so these are also very affordable (and durable) when compared to the "do it yourself" cash registers sold through warehouse and office supply stores.

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