Sunday, March 3, 2013

Undercover Boss and O'Neills Clothing Point of Sale System

I watched the O'Neills Clothing episode of Undercover Boss the other night. One segment of the show featured 'problems' that an employee was having with their point of sale system.  With these types of shows it is tough to know what has been edited or staged for the show but the problem boiled down to the warehouse scanner requiring the enter key to be pressed after each product was scanned.

The warehouse barcode scanner appeared to be a wireless Symbol or MetroLogic/Honeywell.  These wireless barcode scanners can be programmed to emulate a carriage return (same as if you pressed the enter key on the computers keyboard) after each item is scanner.

Not sure if this is a classic "not knowing the capabilities of your point of sale system moment" or an "edited for reality TV" moment. I will be contacting O'Neills Clothing to make sure that the problem was resolved (I'm assuming it was since this episode was likely filmed several months ago).

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