Monday, March 4, 2013

Timeclock Function in Retail Point of Sale Software

Did you know that many retail point of sale software programs have a timeclock function? 

No need to have a separate electronic or manual timeclock. “ctrl” + “shift” + “F4” is the shortcut key in the Microsoft RMS Store Operations point of sale screen. NCR CounterPoint users can normally find a Clock In/Out button from “Station Functions” in the point of sale screen or under “Timecards” from the manager screen.

Microsoft RMS Screen Shot :

NCR CounterPoint Screen Shot:

Nothing fancy but this also allows your point of sale system to generate hours reports that you can use to enter into your payroll software. There are more detailed settings related to your pay periods and commissions as well - consult your users guide, me, or point of sale partner for more detailed information.

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