Thursday, June 26, 2014

Retail Pro Reviews

One of the things that I try to stay on top of are user reviews of different point of sale solutions.  The reviews have been the most popular posts on this site and have also generated the most phone calls and emails from folks searching for free point of sale help and advice.

While it is easy to link to a review, I prefer to paraphrase the review for the following reasons:
  1. Over the years I have figured out how to 'read between the lines' to find the key points of each review
  2. I'm also able to easily spot reviews that may have been written from someone attempting to increase or decrease a products reputation (not truly a fake review but a review written with an intent that goes beyond just sharing personal experiences)
  3. The biggest reason is that a popular point of sale software review website exists only to sell your information to multiple point of sale companies - that's right, they make money by selling your information
Over the last couple of months there have been a large number of Retail Pro reviews posted online. Here are the key points gleaned from all the reviews which appeared to come from retailers of all sizes within the US:
  • Users really like the support and service that they receive from their Retail Pro Partner - especially Big Hairy Dog (BHD) 
  • Overall, Retail Pro received high marks for functionality and reliability
  • Both short and long term users mentioned that the software was very reliable
  • About the only minor issues noted are that the ease of use could be better and that the latest version of Retail Pro seemed to operate slower than the previous versions
Overall, some great reviews of Retail Pro which is what would be expected since Retail Pro is the type of point of sale solution that includes installation, training, and ongoing support as part of the price when purchased from a Retail Pro partner like BHD.

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