Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Tips – User Defined Fields and Profiles

Users of Microsoft RMS Store Operations and NCR CounterPoint point of sale systems will likely notice that some of the customer information can be relabeled to track specific and customer attributes. Here is what I am referring to in Microsoft RMS Store Operations (note that some of the fields have been labeled and some have not):

And for NCR CounterPoint (none have been relabeled yet):

We will take our time over the next 3-4 weeks to correctly cover how to setup and use these User Defined Fields/Profiles. For this week, start thinking about what would be helpful for you to track about your customers. This should be something that is part of your business and beneficial to both you and your customer.

For example: a pet store would likely want to track the customers pets names, ages, and breeds to help market the correct products to each customer (and even send out pet birthday cards with coupons and general information).

A children's toy store might like to track the customers children's names and birthdays to send out birthday cards with coupons.

An optical store might track the date of the customers last exam and their prescription information. That way, reminders can be sent out for when the next eye exam needs to be scheduled.

Clothing stores might want to track a customers sizes, brand or designer preferences, or similar information.

Outdoor stores might want to note what type of sports or outdoor activities the customer is active or interested in.

Again, the idea to find some things about your customers that can be easily (and consistently) tracked as well as provide opportunities to increase revenue for your business.

Next week I will cover how to label each field within your point of sale system. Be sure that you are backing up your point of sale system on a daily basis in case you decide that you do not like some of the changes that have already been made.

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