Monday, June 17, 2013

Tuesday Tip - Updated NCR CounterPoint User Defined Fields

My instructions last Tuesday were not very clear when it came to setting up the customer profile codes and the user defined fields in NCR CounterPoint. Hopefully this will make more sense:

Configuring user-defined fields

You can use Quick Setup to configure a variety of user-defined fields—including profile fields, item attribute fields, and miscellaneous charges—that allow you to record additional information for your items, customers, vendors, and tickets.
Refer to User-defined fields for more information about the types of user-defined fields that are available, along with some examples of how to use them.
Follow these steps to set up any user-defined fields you want to use:

From the main menu, click Setup > System > Quick Setup to display the Quick Setup window.

Click the Customers tab.

The Customers tab allows you to choose the profile fields you want to use for your customer records and to define labels for those fields.

You can also define valid options for the code profile fields you enable on this tab.
The user-defined fields you enable will appear on the Profiles tab of the Quick Customers window.

Configure the profile fields you want to use and define valid options for each code profile field you enable by following the same process you used for the Items tab.

For example, you might define a code profile that allows you to specify the Referral source for each customer, or a date profile that allows you to record each customer’s Birthday.

You should end up with a screen that looks like this allowing you to make the label changes:

Click OK to save your changes and close the Quick Setup window.

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