Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Running Reports Using Customized User Fields and Profiles

Now that we have learned how to customize customer fields and user profiles, some quick instructions on how to run reports using these fields. 

We will start with Microsoft RMS.

Over the last couple of weeks we have learned how to relabel some of the customer fields under the “Additional” tab with dates, numbers, or words that are helpful to our business:

Now that we have the ability to track unique information about our customers, we need to be able to run reports on that data. Since there is no shortage of data and report options in Microsoft RMS Store Operations, I am just going to touch on one example to get you started (the process is similar no matter which reports you prefer to run).

Lets assume that your store offers something of interest to large families. In the RMS software, we relabeled one of the customer fields to say “Number of Kids”. Now we want to see a list of really large families with at least 10 kids.

So, in RMS Manager, we go to “Reports”, then “Customer”, then “list”. We select the “Number of Kids” field, set the “Operator” as “Greater Than or Equal To” (think back to math 101 when we all learned how to use greater than, less than, equal too, etc.), set the “Filter value” to “10”, and then pressed the “Add” button to add the filter (you can add multiple filters to each report in Microsoft RMS as needed):


Press the “OK” button and we have our report showing all of our customers with 10 or more kids:

From here we can export the report, save the report, email the report, etc. Whatever works best for you and your business. Note that reports can also be memorized if you plan on running certain reports on a regular basis.

Now on to NCR CounterPoint.

If you are using customer profile codes and/or user defined fields then you will likely already have some customized reports that allow you to sort the data using the user defined fields or customer profile codes. Here is an example of what your reporting screen may look like if running a report based on customer profile codes:


As no two NCR CounterPoint systems are the same, please work with your NCR Partner for more specific information.

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