Monday, January 7, 2013

Feedback on Radiant/NCR CounterPoint POS Software

NCR/Radiant has indicated a focus on providing point of sale solutions for multi-location specialty retail stores so I thought that it would be interesting to talk to one multi-location chain that purchased the NCR/CounterPoint solution as well as one chain that went with a different point of sale solution.

The feedback from the retail chain that purchased CounterPoint was neutral to positive with the main issue being that one location went through 3 Radiant/NCR terminals in just 45 days due to equipment failures.  This was very disappointing to the retailer since NCR/Radiant promotes their computer terminals as being very reliable and worth the extra expense over using a normal computer and monitor (1 terminal was even Dead On Arrival).

The retailer was pleased with the flexibility of the system and the built-in loyalty and gift card functions within NCR/Radiant CounterPoint.

I also met in person with a specialty retail chain that decided not to purchase CounterPoint.  Their IT director had mostly negative things to say about NCR/Radiant CounterPoint when compared to other point of sale solutions. He said that the system was "very cumbersome and slow when it comes to processing transactions".

As an IT director, he also noted that the structure and design of the software database is typical SQL. He did note that the user interface is very friendly and appeared to be easy to learn and use at a cashier level.

I think that the main issue is that this was a liquor and tobacco chain and whoever showed them NCR CounterPoint tried to show how CounterPoint has special features like customer tracking. In a fast paced business, it makes much more sense to put CounterPoint in a "quick Scan" mode so all the cashier needs to do is scan the items and tender the sale - you can even make reciept printing optional to help speed up transaction times.

While I can't mention the names of these businesses or individuals, I do appreciate their honest feedback.  In another 60-90 days, I will plan on contacting some additional multi-location specialty retails chains to get their feedback on NCR/Radiant CounterPoint.

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