Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Expanded Tuesday Tip from DirectPOS

Users of Microsoft RMS Store Operations and NCR/Radiant Counterpoint point of sale programs can take advantage of a substitute item feature in both software programs.  This is especially helpful when you are out of stock on a particular item but have a very similar item in stock. For example, you may not have 24" Forest Green "widget" in stock but you may have a 24" Fern Green "widget" in stock.  Or maybe you are out of stock on an item from one supplier/vendor but have a very similar product in stock from a different supplier/vendor.

Idea is that you can quickly recommend a substitute item to a customer so they don't leave without making a purchase (you spent the marketing dollars to get them in to your business so we want to make sure that the customer doesn't leave empty handed).

Microsoft RMS Store Operation user can go to the Manager part of the software and then go to “Database”, then “Items”, then select an item, and then you can add substitute item(s) under the (surprise) “Substitute” tab. Here is what the Substitute tab looks like when a substitute item is added:

NCR/Radiant CounterPoint users can go to “Inventory” then ”Items”, then select an item, and then you can add substitute item(s) can be added under the (surprise again) ”Substitute Item” tab which looks like this:

If needed, you can have multiple substitute items listed as needed.  A great way to use your point of sale system to help prevent lost revenue.

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