Wednesday, June 9, 2021

NRC CounterPoint users group and forum is closed

 Hi - as many of you know, the person who managed the NCR CounterPoint users group and forum passed away last year. His dedication to helping NCR CounterPoint users will be missed.

I have been asked if I would take over the forum and users group but I honestly don't have the time plus my computer that had NCR CounterPoint ceased functioning so my only NCR CounterPoint resources are all the printed technical manuals.

With NCR no longer offering support for older versions of CounterPoint and CounterPoint SQL, you should contact an NCR Partner/Reseller/Dealer to see what options are available to upgrade to a more current version of the software. 

Just like older cars, finding support for older POS systems becomes more and more difficult over time (look what is happening with the Microsoft Dynamics RMS software - over 35,000 stores using RMS are having to replace RMS or pay a big premium in support costs). 

The time has come to replace RMS and older versions of NCR CounterPoint.

Here are two NCR Dealers that I have know for years and recommend:

Retail Control Systems (RCS)

LPA Retail Systems

Of course, if anyone ends up creating a new CounterPoint users group and forum for older versions of NCR CounterPoint, please let me know and I will get the word out!



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