Wednesday, June 23, 2021

New Issues for Microsoft Dynamics RMS Users

 We are just a few weeks away from the July 13th, 2021 official end of life date for the very popular Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software. Based on some recent phone calls and emails that I have had with companies in the US that still plan on supporting RMS, there are a few things that retailers need to be aware of:

  1. Plan on support ending for the various plug ins and add-ons for RMS or plan on there being no enhancements to these plug ins and add ons (new versions, bug fixes, etc)
  2. Plan on paying double for RMS support - of the few companies that I spoke with, most mentioned charging a premium service rate (eg $135 to $175/hour plus an annual support contract that costs $400 to $1500 for a typical retail store)
  3. Plan on longer support response times. With Microsoft no longer offering any resources, each individual company will need to figure out support requests on their own. This could easily take longer for a tech to work through an unusual or unfamiliar support issue/request
  4. Any plug ins and add ons for RMS that will not be phased out for another 1-3 years may see a price increase if there is a monthly fee involved. It is just going to cost more to maintain and support anything related to RMS.

Soooo - the idea of using RMS past July 2021 may be less appealing you if support alone costs $1500 a year plus finding someone to support RMS will become more and more challenging over the coming years.

If this is enough to prompt you to take a serious look at replacing RMS, here is a video that might help guide you to which POS system would make a good replacement:

Questions, comments, anything that you would want me to share with RMS users in the US? You can reach me at 208-340-5632 or


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