Wednesday, February 5, 2020

JUUL Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) - Cloud Retailer

If you are, or plan to be, a JUUL retailer then you have likely received notification about JUUL's Retail Access Control Standards (RACS). As this pertains specifically to the point of sale software used in your store, here are 2 quick videos showing how the Cloud Retailer point of sale software is RACS compliant:

Enforcing Purchase Limits: (pending)

Age Verification Overview:

Cloud Retailer is also a proven solution for liquor, tobacco, vape, and cannabis retailers as well as a direct replacement for the very popular Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software.

Have questions about RACS and how RACS may effect the point of sale software that you use? Please contact me at or 208-340-5632. General JUUL RACS information can be found at

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