Thursday, June 29, 2017

Updates on the Retail Management Hero Point of Sale Software

Fresh off of the product update webinar today, here are the latest updates on the Retail Management Hero point of sale software version 3.3.2:

  • 414 Total Deployments
  • Lots of new features/functions added - some highlights:
    • Support of OPOS Scale/Scanners
    • Support of Dual Cash Drawers
    • Basic Time Clock
    • Blind Closeout
    • Returns at Different Store
  • Card Defender is now available for RMH
    • Only processor agnostic solution
    • No contracts
    • No per transaction fees
    • Only solution for RMH that works with TSYS and First Data (that I am aware of)
  • Focus on Stability versus adding Features and Functions
  • RMH Release 3.4 July 2017
    • Task Pads
    • Reports change to what RMS offered
  • RMH Release 3.5 Q3 2017
    • Customer feedback improvements
    • RMH Central Integration
  • RMH Central 1.0 Q3 2017
    • Replacement for Microsoft Dynamics RMS HQ
    • On premise or cloud versions
    • No more worksheets! 
    • RESTful and WebSocket API's for near real time 2 way communications
    • Windows App and future web based application
    • Pricing to be determined
  • RMH Web Services
    • Light weight POS client
    • Use on mobile devices
    • Android and iOS support
    • Available via app store/pricing to be determined 
  • Online Purchases of RMH and related hardware
    • RMH website will allow for online purchases (coming late summer 2017)
    • Sale still needs to be completed by a certified RMH Partner
  • More training and users guide documentation coming soon
Great to see the "roadmap" and successes specific to Retail Management Hero as well as RMH Central! I'm excited as this opens the door to Microsoft Dynamics RMS HQ users who would rather not invest in a new POS system and have to start from scratch with all their data (and training, setup, expenses, ect). 

My personal advise specific to RMH Central is to wait until the program has stabilized before deploying - this likely means waiting until Q1 2018 (and I already have multiple retailers lined up to do this!).

Confused? Have questions? Need advice?  Contact me at 208-340-5632 or as I do work for a tier one Microsoft Dynamics Partner (RMS, HQ and Dynamics 365) who is also fully certified to sell, install, and support Retail Management Hero.

Link to the full webinar:

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