Thursday, June 1, 2017

Retail Management Hero: Features and Functions

From the folks at Retail Realm:

GREAT NEWS! The latest version of Retail Management Hero (RMH) is now available. Added features and functionality in RMH Version 3.3.0 include:
• Store Availability and Returns (POS with RMS HQ)
• Time Clock (POS)
• Blind Closeout at the Store Manager (Store Manager)
• Supervisor Override (POS)
• Lot Matrix Items (POS)
• Select Multiple Items in the Lookup Window (POS)
• Exchange Rate in Customer Invoice (POS)
• Search Customer by Account Alias (Store Manager)
• Search Item by Alias (Store Manager)
• Define Paths for Labels, Receipts, Pictures, Reports (Store Administrator)
• Loyalty: Basket Points - add multiple levels (Loyalty)
And more!

I have not had time to test any of the above so you may want to contact me first at or 208-340-5632 for more information.

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