Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Full Trial Versions of Retail Management Hero & Cloud Retailer

Update 7/12/2017: Wow!  Many of you have taken advantage of both of these options!  This is not a limited time promo or anything like that. Right now its is taking 3-4 days the setup the free Cloud Retailer demo and around a week to setup the Retail Management Hero demo. Note that this is only for retailers in the US and Canada.

Whether you are looking to replace your Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software or are searching for a new POS system for your retail store, I wanted to pass along some information on full trial versions of a couple of direct RMS replacement point of sale software programs for retailers in the US and Canada:

Retail Management Hero (discounted licensing for RMS users & competitive pricing for new users)
$549 for a 30 day version of Retail Management Hero. This includes basic installation on one computer as well as some general overview training.

Cloud Retailer (discounted licensing for RMS users & competitive pricing for new users)
Free test instance to try out Cloud Retailer. Installation and training depends on your specific circumstances

Note that both programs offer data migration from Microsoft RMS. This means that you are saving money via the discounted licensing for RMS users plus saving time by not having to start from scratch with a new POS system!

These are also great POS systems for retailers searching for a new point of sale system and are located in the US.

Please contact me directly at or 208-340-5632 for more information.

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