Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Continued Saga of EMV in the US and Things to be Aware of

Quite a few studies and articles have been posted this week related to EMV in the US and how it relates to retail point of sale systems.  I'll link to the articles below but here are some bullet points:
  • Watch for POS systems that use the old Mag Stripe Readers - these are generally not compatible with chip cards and most payment processing companies no longer support these devices for security reasons.
  • Look out for solutions that say that the hardware/software is "EMV Ready" - these systems can not yet actually process chip cards.
  • It looks like around 40% (or more) of retailers do not yet have equipment that can process EMV/chip cards.
  • A good example of a solution that is true EMV (I've tested and installed multiple times myself) is Card Defender for Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Cloud Retailer (specialty retail point of sale software).  These systems are tested, certified, and even can be upgraded as new payment security requirements are introduced.
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Here are the articles - note that these are on a well known industry web site (Business Solutions Magazine) with point of sale technology news and information. Free registration is required to view the whole article:

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