Card Defender EMV

Quick Update: Card Defender is no longer available for Microsoft RMS unless you are a beer, wine, or liquor store that will be moving to the Cloud Retailer point of sale software in the near future.

Quick note that Card Defender works with Microsoft Dynamics RMS  and the Cloud Retailer point of sale programs.

As many Microsoft Dynamics RMS users (and HQ users as well) have concluded that they would like to continue using RMS as their point of sale system for another 1-2 years, I've settled in on what is the best EMV/Chip Card solution for RMS.

I've concluded that Card Defender represents what RMS users need in order to accept chip based credit and debit cards based on the following criteria:

  1. Works with RMS versions 1.3 and up as well as current versions of RMH and Cloud Retailer
  2. Processor agnostic (First Data, Heartland, and TSYS)
  3. Multiple terminal options 
  4. Ability to take pin-based debit
  5. Ability for NFC (like Apple Pay and Google Wallet)
  6. No additional per transaction fees which would normally cost a store $1000+
  7. Tested and true - in use at over 1400 "lanes" already
  8. Not fancy but does what it is supposed to do - protect the card holders information to reduce your liability as a merchant
  9. Multiple installation and training options are available at a nominal cost
  10. Several payment terminals to choose from
  11. Autobatch is available for a low time time fee to automate terminal batching
Here is a great video overview of how Card Defender works:

Video showing Microsoft RMS processing chip/EMV as well as NFC/phone payments using Card Defender:

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