Thursday, September 15, 2016

Windows 10 SHA-1 and SHA-2 Issues

Update 10/4/2016: Heartland has provided an alternate payment portal which resolves this issue. Do contact them directly if Heartland has not already provided you with the updated information. Your Microsoft Dynamics RMS Partner may also be able to assist with the required changes. Contact me at 208-340-5632 or if you do not have an RMS Partner.

A special thanks to a couple of stores that called me to explain the resolution to this issue and confirmed that things are working correctly again - very much appreciated.

Also of note, detailed resolution information will be made available soon on RITE's website:

Update 9/27/2016: Working on testing a possible resolution - will provide more details once they are made available to me.

Update 9/21/2016: thanks to those of you who contacted me directly thanking me for posting about this issue!  I will update this post as applicable but, so far, the only response from Heartland has been a blanket "we are working on a resolution and will advise" response as well as what I can only describe as a single Heartland Rep displaying the biggest act of un-professionalism that I have ever seen in my 18+ years of working with point of sale systems (they have managed to tarnish my sentiment towards Heartland but thankfully I have other Heartland Reps that I work with in person who are happy to help restore my positive sentiment towards Heartland).

Original Post:
Just when everything appeared to be sorted out related to the new SHA-2 security requirement, a recent Windows 10 update has caused some new problems.

Because of this Windows 10 update, error messages may appear in the Microsoft RMS point of sale software in specific situations as noted below:
  • Point of Sale Software: Microsoft RMS
  • Operating System: Windows 10 with September 2016 update installed
  • Website for credit card processing is not SHA-2 compliant
  • Merchant Services Company: Heartland
Other Notes:
  • At this point, the issue is specific to Heartland as Mercury and TSYS appear to be functioning normally
  • Heartland does not have any information on when they expect the issue to be resolved
  • This shows how unexpected issues can crop up with anything related to technology so please use this as a reminder to have a point of sale partner/vendor/VAR that you can rely on for ongoing support after your point of sale system is up and running
As this may prevent you from being able to fully tender credit and debit card transactions, the following options are available:
  • Roll back to previous Windows 10 build
  • Disable new updates to Windows 10 until the issue is tested as resolved
  • You may be able to process credit and debit card transactions manually but note that you will be paying a much higher percent for "hand keying" a credit or debit card transaction (easily 4% to 4.5%)
  • Consider using Card Defender for Microsoft RMS which allows full EMV/Chip card processing within RMS as well as NFC payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Card Defender is unique in not charging any additional per transaction fees as well as being processor agnostic (Heartland, First Data and TSYS).  More information on Card Defender can be found at and
Do contact me with any questions at 208-340-5632 or

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