Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Reasons to Upgrade to Version 2.02 of Microsoft RMS

Even with the new Retail Management Hero software being available at low cost to Microsoft RMS users, several stores using RMS version 2 have actually opted to only upgrade to RMS version 2.02 for the time being. As RMS version 2.02 (with service pack 5) will be supported through  July 2021 (per this page on the Microsoft website:, here are some reasons why you may want to just upgrade to version 2.02 and wait on upgrading to Retail Management Hero for the time being (which could be a few months or a few years depending on your preference):

  • You have multiple add-ons (shopping cart, loyalty program, gift card program, etc) in RMS that will not yet work with Retail Management Hero
  • You have already invested in EMV/Chip Card equipment like Card Defender
  • You have passed all PCI compliance testing
  • You have remained current on annual software maintenance or are willing to pay a lapse fee to become current on software maintenance
  • You are not using Windows XP
  • You are not using Windows 10
  • Everything is churning along just fine
  • You are not receiving any error messages like 941 errors
  • The RMS database is not near or at the SQL size limits
Obviously this is not a complete list as everyone's situation is different. The point is that you may want to stick with your current version of RMS, upgrade to version 2.02, or go ahead and upgrade to Retail Management Hero.

Just as situations vary, costs vary as well. Of the last 8 stores using RMS that I helped update to version 2.02 of RMS, the costs ranged from $330 to $1700.

Of course, future industry changes may prompt a "sooner than later" upgrade to Retail Management Hero but, for now, these stores are set through 2021 (but most are looking at upgrading to Retail Management Hero within the next 12 months).

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