Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hyper Local Marketplace for Bindo Point of Sale

Bindo Point of Sale (bindopos.com) announced some enhancement plans for 2015 that include an online marketplace which goes well beyond what a typical online shopping site can do - if your business is in the right type of locale.

The idea behind the Bindo Marketplace is to allow people to search for products and then find the closest business that has the product in stock. In need of shampoo, an AC adapter, socks, or a particular beverage but don't want to have the product shipped to you (or have to call around to see who may have the product that you need in stock)?  The Bindo Marketplace will not only show you which businesses have the product that you are in need of in stock but will allow you to search for nearby businesses so you can go to the store in person or request same day delivery if available.

I like this idea with one obvious exception - it only works in major metropolitan areas.  If I am in need of a dog collar but I am in McCall, Idaho, then the odds of finding multiple pet stores stores near me using Bindo Marketplace is slim to none. However, if I am in a metropolitan area like Minneapolis, MN, then there is a good chance that I could find the dog collar that I am searching for and see which nearby stores have the dog collar in stock for pickup or same day delivery.

This obviously opens up new revenue opportunities for stores that sign on to use the Bindo Marketplace but is also dependent on potential customers knowing about the Bindo Marketplace as a way to find products needed ASAP.

With Amazon starting to offer same day delivery in some areas, I suspect that consumers will gradually become accustomed to no longer waiting 2-5 days for shipments to arrive. The retailers to jump on this trend will not only be able to compete with Amazon but also be on the leading edge of a new trend.

The full article appears here.

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