Sunday, January 19, 2014

Point of Sale Buying Tip: Get a Real Demo

Sharing some more information from my retail point of sale workshop presentations:

When it comes to comparing possible retail point of sale solutions for your business, be sure to get a customized demo of each point of sale program that you are considering.  I'm amazed how many point of sale companies only offer recorded demo's or 'canned' demos via a webinar.  I've worked with just under 4000 businesses over the years and always took the time to create a custom software demo using the actual point of sale software (whether in person or online via a webinar).

The reason for a custom demo is that each business has specific things that they want to do with the software. It makes more sense to show the business leadership how the software does various functions rather than just show a canned demo that may or may not show the software functions that the business is searching for.

Also, canned demos can make a software appear to run quicker and/or easier than a customized live demo.  Some of the things that I included in my demos that you may want to request (keep in mind that even a customized demo of point of sale software can still be normally accomplished in around 20 minutes):

  • How to add/change your business information
  • How to add/change customer information
  • How to add/change inventory information
  • How to run various reports
  • How to put items on sales
  • How to setup special items (sizes, "mix and match", bulk)
  • How to transfer items between store locations
  • How to handle purchasing and recieving
  • How to set up security levels
  • How to add/change employees
  • Time clock function and related reports
  • Accounting interface
  • How to print barcode labels
  • Touchscreen interface
  • How to customize fields or attributes in the software
  • How to add/change vendor/supplier information

As a reminder, I am not currently affiliated with any point of sale companies or manufactures but have 14 years of experience working with retail, restaurant, and museum point of sale solutions. You can reach me at 208-340-5632 (business hours - mountain time) or for free point of sale help and advice.

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