Friday, August 16, 2013

Upcoming Updates to NCR CounterPoint Mobile (CP Mobile)

Some information to pass along from NCR related to the next release of NCR CounterPoint Mobile (CP Mobile):

Upcoming NCR Counterpoint Mobile Releases
We’re expecting our next version of NCR Counterpoint Mobile to be released in the next four to five weeks, and to contain the following:
  • IOS7 Support.   We expect IOS7 to be released in roughly the next month– we’ve been working with developer versions and want to make sure when it is released that we’re ready for it in advance.
  • Support fixes related to NCR Counterpoint servers running WinXP variants and other crashes based on our diagnostic data collected from the field.
  • We are currently working in development with the Linea Pro 5 sled that supports the Lightning connector for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5.  It does require a new SDK from Infinite Peripherals, which has not been released and does not have an ETA.   When the SDK is released, we will ensure it works properly for NCR Counterpoint Mobile and include support for it in a subsequent release.
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