Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Note on RSPA and Tuesday Tip

As many of you know, RSPA is taking place this week. I'm holding off on posting any retail technology news until I can make sure that all the facts are correct. I will be especially watching any news from Microsoft related to the new version of Microsoft RMS Store Operations point of sale software.

Now on to my Tuesday Tip.

One of the common report requests is to get a snapshot of store activity. Another common report request is to see sales by hour which helps schedule staff. A great way to get both a snapshot summary as well as hourly sales is to use the "Graphs" function in Microsoft RMS Store Operations or the "Dashboard" function in NCR CounterPoint.

From the point of sale screen in RMS Store Operations you can select "Shift" and "F6" to bring up the graphs:

You can see the various options for date ranges and type of data to display.

NCR CounterPoint users can go to "Sales History" and then "Dashboard" to see similar data:

 Again, you can see the various options for data and date ranges.  Note that you must be current on your NCR CounterPoint software maintenance (known as "CSS") in order to be able to see and use the dashboard.

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