Monday, July 8, 2013

Tuesday Tip – Exporting Reports

Did you know that Microsoft RMS Store Operations and NCR CounterPoint also have the ability to export reports for use in other programs like Microsoft Excel?

Here are the steps to follow in Microsoft RMS after you have already generated a report. Start by clicking the “export” icon next to the “save” icon:

You then choose where you are exporting the report to as well as what file format to use. In this example I selected “Application” and “Comma Separated” since I want to export the report to Microsoft Excel:


Click over “OK” and then select a name and place to save your exported report. Really easy! This also works well for saving in HTML formats for emailing the report.

NCR CounterPoint is very similar. From the report, click on the “Export Report” icon which looks like a little white envelope:

You then need to select a format and destination for the report. In this example I have selected “Acrobat PDF” and “Disk File” as I want to save the report in PDF format on a local drive. 


Just like Microsoft RMS, NCR CounterPoint also allows you to save the report in formats designed for Microsoft Excel or emailing.

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