Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Choosing Touchscreen versus Order Entry in Microsoft RMS Store Operations and NCR CounterPoint

Did you know that both NCR CounterPoint and Microsoft RMS have options so you can rings up sales using a menu style touchscreen interface?  While not designed for full service restaurants or bars, these touch screen menus are helpful if you sell some products or services that can’t be barcoded.  Most common examples would be admissions at a museum or basic food service items like coffee, hot dogs, or donuts. A touchscreen menu can also be helpful for items that you may just track at the department level (like those “mix and match” bins that you see at some stores) as well as for any services that your business may offer.

In NCR CounterPoint go to “Point of Sale”, then “Tickets”, then you can select “Ticket Entry” to rings sales up not using a touchscreen or select “Touchscreen” to ring sales using a touchscreen interface.

In Microsoft RMS Store Operations, you can select “shift” + “F6” from the point of sale screen to see the various touchscreen and layout options.  If the touchscreen option is grayed out, then you first need to check the register properties in RMS Manager to make sure that your registers are enabled for touchscreen use (“file”, then “Registers”, then “Register List”, then “Register Properties”, then “Touch Screen” tab).

Using a barcode scanner is supported no matter which order entry mode you are using in either program.

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