Monday, February 4, 2013

Tuesday Retail Point of Sale Tip

Tuesday Tip – Reason Codes

Want to prompt your staff to enter a reason code when certain functions are done like voids, returns or discounts? Microsoft RMS Store Operations, Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro, and NCR CounterPoint all allow you to set pre-defined reason codes so your staff can select from a list (except QuickBooks). QuickBooks POS Pro users can set the reason codes up in the “Discounts” section under “Company Preferences” (but each reason code must be entered manually). Microsoft RMS users need to go to “Database” in Store Operations Manager and then select “Reason Codes”. For NCR CounterPoint users, the various reason codes are found under “Point of Sale” which is under the setup options.

 Apologies for the low quality/odd size of some of the screen shots - you can always contact me at  for more detailed information.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro:


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