Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Retail Point of Sale Software Tip from DirectPOS

From time to time you may encounter an employee who you suspect may be skimming from the cash drawer or may not be giving accurate change.  While there are plenty of audit trails in point of sale software to help catch internal theft, another quick way to spot check an employees cashier ability is to perform a blind closeout.

You can find this option in the Microsoft RMS Store Operations form the cashier screen/point of sale screen under "F5" and then "Perform Blind Close Out" (there are other options as well). Here is what the screen looks like:

                                                 NCR CounterPoint users can find the drawer count settings from the manager screen under "point of sale" then "count" and then "count drawer".  Here is what the screen looks like (this will vary depending on your own individual settings within NCR CounterPoint):

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