Friday, November 25, 2022

Thinking of Using BottlePOS? Why You Should Look at Cloud Retailer POS Instead!


Thinking about using BottlePOS? 

Why you should look at Cloud Retailer POS Instead!

Both BottlePOS and Cloud Retailer POS are designed for beer, wine, and liquor stores in the 

United States but Cloud Retailer POS excels in several key areas:

Up Front Cost:

πŸ‘‰BottlePOS Up Front Costs for software, hardware and remote configuration: $1099 to $1399

πŸ‘‰Cloud Retailer POS Up Front Cost for software, hardware, training and configuration: $1150 to $1250:


Monthly Costs

BottlePOS starts at $49/month:

Cloud Retailer POS starts at $0/month

πŸ‘‰Key Difference # 1: Age Verification

BottlePOS: Manual Entry πŸ‘Ž (2D ID scanner is optional). Cashier can enter any date they want:


Cloud Retailer POS: 2D ID Reader is Standard πŸ‘. Cashier must scan the ID or

manually enter a date of birth (with approved security settings) :


πŸ‘‰Key Difference # 2: Inventory - Levels of Product Categories

BottlePOS: Only one level of categories πŸ‘Ž (not as detailed for ordering and inventory management):

Cloud Retailer POS: 3 Levels of categories πŸ‘ (much easier to get detailed inventory reporting and product management):

πŸ‘‰Key Difference # 3: Ordering/Purchasing

BottlePOS: Can Only Manually Add Products to an Order πŸ‘Ž (time consuming):

Cloud Retailer POS: Can use Supplier Purchase Planning to create purchase orders based on 

minimum stock levels or past sales data πŸ‘. 

Saves you time but still allows for manual creation of Purchase Orders as needed:

πŸ‘‰Key Difference # 4: Smart Phone App

BottlePOS: No Smart Phone App available πŸ‘Ž. Some support for use on an iPad:

Cloud Retailer POS: Available free and paid options for both Android and iOS devices πŸ‘. 

Flexible options to use your smart phone for basic inventory management, reporting, 

and general daily activities like product management and label printing:

πŸ‘‰Key Difference # 5: POS Screen

BottlePOS: Point of Sale Screen is somewhat cluttered πŸ‘Ž. Not as easy for a cashier to read:

Cloud Retail POS: Point of Sale screen is clean and easy for a cashier to use and 
understand information on the point of sale screen πŸ‘


πŸ‘‰Key Difference # 6: Cash Discounting vs. Dual Pricing:

Bottle POS: The Cash Discounting option in Bottle POS means that you have to advertise 

a higher credit price on your window and in store signage πŸ‘Ž. 

Cash Discounting may not be legal in your city or state: 

Cloud Retailer POS: The use of Dual Pricing in Cloud Retailer POS is legal in all 50 states 

and means that you can advertise a lower cash price instead of a higher credit price. 

Liquor Stores using Dual Pricing have reported profit increases of $2000 or more a month 

as their customers are covering 90% or more of the typical merchant services/credit card 

processing fees πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.


Given that Cloud Retailer has a lower cost than BottlePOS over time, as well as more advanced 

inventory management, and the net savings by using Dual Pricing, Cloud Retailer is the clear winner 

when it comes to Point of Sale software designed for beer, wine and liquor stores in the 

United States.

For more information on the Cloud Retailer point of sale software for beer, wine and liquor stores, 

please visit, email or call 888-267-7483


Video Showing Both BottlePOS and Cloud Retailer POS:



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