Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Point of Sale Hardware

A collection of products that I have been made aware of that are designed to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus on high touch devices like payment terminals.

I have not tested any of these products and make no claim to warranties, effectiveness, durability or similar. I do not sell these products or have any relationship with the companies that make or sell these products.

I've been made aware of these products and feel that they may be of interest to retailers as more retail stores open across the US.

Here are the products covered in the video:

SpacePole Payment Terminal Paddle: Cost is around $30-$100. Purpose is to help with social distancing. Website:

Payment Terminal Protective Covers: Cost starts around $15.00. Purpose is to add a skin/plastic membrane cover over the high touch parts of a payment terminal. One potential source to purchase this product is:

Clear Plastic Stands: Cost $190+. Purpose is to add a barrier between the cashier and the customer. Large variety of products are available on the market. One example can be found here:

UV Clean: Cost: TBD. Purpose is to sanitize payment terminals using UV light. More information can be found here:

Most of these products focus on the payment terminals instead of other POS hardware like the barcode scanners, etc. Generally, the payment terminals high the highest amount of touches from many different people throughout the day. The other POS hardware is generally only used by your employees and can be wiped down as needed.

If you have any PPE for POS Hardware that would be of interest to retailers, please contact me at or 208-340-5632.

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