Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Seasonal Pricing for Cloud Retailer/Ability to Change Number of Active Licenses

Note that I use the term "seasonal pricing" in reference to the ability to add or reduce the number of licenses that you are paying for based on business demand. For example, a nursery/garden center may have one POS license all year (at $50/month) but may add 2 more licenses from March - September (at an additional $100/month just for that time period).

Another example might be a retail business that sells at trade shows, expos, or similar off site events and just needs an extra license or two for 1-2 months out of each year.

Do you have a business that is somewhat seasonal? If so, Cloud Retailer now offers seasonal pricing for adding additional lanes during your business season!

As long as you keep one license active year round, you can add additional Cloud Retailer POS licenses as needed for the busy season with just a one month commitment. Fees will vary (but will be provided in writing ahead of time so you know what to expect).

This is great for any retailer who has a busy season or maybe an annual/semi annual event that requires additional POS systems.

Now you can have those extra POS stations without the on-going expense during slower periods (or add additional POS stations just for special events)! This could save a typical retailer $500 to $1000 annually.

For more information, please visit http://cloudretailer.com/ , email sales@rite.us or call 888-267-7483.

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