Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Not Emailing Receipts or Using Signature Capture? This Price Increase will be of Interest to You

News below from Star Micronics about an upcoming price increase specific to thermal receipt paper.

Having a point of sale system than can email receipts and.or using signature capture is a great way to save on receipt paper costs. Here are some options:

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Here is the article from Star Micronics:

The thermal paper industry has been affected by the closure of a Chinese chemical plant due to environmental impact. This plant is the largest producer of a chemical dye used in thermal paper coating, and has reduced output and even closed mills worldwide. This shutdown is expected to last for at least three to six months while they modify operations.
              As a result of the chemical dye shortage, thermal paper pricing has been affected throughout the entire industry.  While doing our best to keep the increases minimal, Star Micronics will announce thermal paper price increase in the next 15 days.  We encourage you to immediately evaluate your paper needs and place stocking orders in advance to take advantage of this year’s pricing where possible.
              Star Micronics will continue to communicate changes in the thermal paper market to keep our distributors and customers promptly informed of this challenging situation.

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