Monday, April 3, 2017

Possible Issues with Mercury/Vantiv Magtek IPAD for Microsoft RMS

Wanted to make everyone aware of a potential issue specific to the Mercury/Vantiv Magtek "IPAD" payment processing add-on for the Microsoft Dynamics RMS point of sale software.

I arrived at a customers site last week only to find that the entire system was down due to the Microsoft Dynamics RMS database being "full". The cause was a large amount of transaction data being put in to the RMS database from the Mercury/Vantiv Magtek "IPAD" payment processing add-on. The customer had only been using the add-on for just over 2 years and is a single lane RMS users.

Obviously, retailers can't have their system go down due to the RMS database being full so here are the possible resolutions:
  1. Purchase SQL Server which allows for a larger database size ($1100 - $2000 depending on version and license options).
  2. Have your point of sale partner/VAR/dealer monitor your RMS database and delete/archive old data as needed ($125-$250 per occurrence if needed).
  3. Consider switching to Card Defender which does not populate your RMS database with as much transaction data as the MagTek IPAD solution does (Card Defender does not presently work with Mercury/Vanticv but this will change in the coming months).
  4. Look at a different integration that RITE offers using an Vantiv ICS250 payment terminal with Microsoft Dynamics RMS.
Do contact me at 208-340-5632 or with any questions or contact your RMS Partner to have them check the size of your RMS database (or your IT staff can check the size fo the database as well - just takes about 5 minutes).

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