Friday, January 13, 2017

Updates on Retail Management Hero

Some updates related to the Retail Management Hero (RMH) retail point of sale software. As a reminder, RMH is a direct low cost replacement for Microsoft Dynamics RMS as well as some of the other Microsoft Dynamics POS products like POS 2.0 and POS 2007/2009.

RMH Central - New headquarters module to replace RMS HQ:

  • Rejoice!  No longer cloud based!!!  Just like RMS HQ, RMH Central will be a locally deployed solution
  • Direct replacement for RMS HQ
    • Keep all historical data
    • Same pricing structure as HQ
  • Better security and faster processes
  • Ready for deployment Q4 2017
RMH Updates:
  • Loyalty Module now included - based on the popular Hero Points add-on for RMS
    • 3 types of point collections
    • 7 types of point redemption
    • On premise (nice - not cloud based)
    • Various accelerators to promote faster point collection
  • QuickBooks integration (Q2 2017)
  • 3 e-commerce options
  • Weights and Measure certification and support (Q2 2017)
  • Additional payment processor support (varies by locale)
We are a fully certified RMH Partner (as well as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner) so I will list my work contact information in this post to obtain more information: 208-994-9404 or

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