Monday, January 16, 2017

Point of Sale Best Practices - Natural Disasters

What if this was happening to you and your retail business?
  • Schools are closed for 9 days straight
  • The roof of your building collapses
  • Your stock and technology products are destroyed by water damage
  • Your sales decline by 95% 
  • Power goes out in -10 degree F temps
  • Store stock is depleted
  • Stock can not be replenished as trucks can not travel to your area
Well, right now all of the above is happening as a I type this right in the area that I live in - we are actually under a state of emergency due to a weather related natural disaster. Obviously I hope that this never happens to you or your business but here are some best practice tips when it comes to natural disasters and point of sale technology equipment:
  1. Make sure that all of your point of sale technology equipment is documented for insurance records (make, model, serial number - pictures or videos are even better if they clearly show the actual equipment as well as the details about each product).
  2. Ensure that all of your data is being backup up offsite - whether that be a removable drive or to a cloud based backup service.
  3. Have good power protection in place (line conditioner, battery back-up, etc) to help prevent power fluctuation related damage to the hardware.
  4. Make sure that you have the correct business insurance to cover technology products like point of sale software and hardware.
  5. Do work with the business that sold you the point of sale equipment to provide cost estimates for insurance claims.
As always, do contact me at 208-340-5632 or if I can be of further assistance - I have dealt with this on multiple occasions but this is the first widespread incident that has happened right where I live.

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