Thursday, July 21, 2016

E-Commerce, Loyalty and Similar Add-Ons for RMS and RMH

I've been contacted by multiple businesses recently inquiring about the various shopping cart, e-commerce, customer loyalty, and email marketing add-ons for the Microsoft RMS and Retail Management Hero (RMH) point of sale software programs.  A few folks have also asked what the mobile options will be for using RMH on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.  Lets try and hit the highlights and you can always contact me for more detailed information.

Microsoft RMS:
  • Shopping Cart/E-Commerce: NitroSell has proven to be one of the more popular shopping cart/e-commerce add-ons for the Microsoft RMS point of sale software
  • Customer Loyalty: Hero Points and bLoyal are two that I have worked with in the past
  • Email Marketing: RITE Retail Emailer can do some basic email list compiling and then you can export to your own template or a third party email marketing program
  • Mobile Version: There are add-ons for RMS that can work on mobile devices but these are normally special mobile devices like what you would see at a garden center or warehouse and not consumer mobile devices like iPads. 
Retail Management Hero (RMH):
  • Shopping Cart/E-Commerce: NitroSell has committed to offering a solution for RMH - more information will be released in 2017
  • Customer Loyalty: RMH will have some basic loyalty tracking and Hero Points will offer more enhanced customer loyalty functionality
  • Email Marketing: Nothing announced yet but RMH can capture email addresses so exporting to third party email marketing program may be possible
  • Mobile version: Nothing official but a mobile friendly version of RMH will likely be available sometime in 2017
How to obtain a 30 day trial version of Retail Management Hero:

Do contact me if you have any questions on the above or are in need of no-cost retail point of sale advice for your US located retail business. I can be reached on my cell at 208-340-5632 (mountain time) or via email at

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