Monday, June 13, 2016

SHA-1 to SHA-2 Requirements and Point of Sale Systems

Update October 28th, 2016: the deadline for TSYS SHA2 compliance is now January 1st, 2017 and December 27th, 2016 for First Data. Microsoft RMS users will need to look at integrated solutions like Card Defender for Microsoft RMS or separate terminals that do not integrate with RMS to comply with this requirement.  I've had multiple stores using RMS and First Data also contact me over the last couple of days as well so I suspect that I'm going to be quite busy setting up Card Defender over the coming months!

September 15th 2016 Update on new SHA-1 issue specific to Windows 10 and Heartland:

Given how quickly people figure out how to compromise credit card information and similar data, I suspect that we will be seeing new credit card processing security requirements coming out several times each year.

If you have been informed that your merchant services company requires you to comply with SHA-2 then you need to contact your point of sale vendor/dealer/partner to ensure that your system is SHA-2 compliant.

You can learn more about SHA-2 by visiting

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