Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Card Defender EMV Add-On for the Microsoft RMS Point of Sale Software

Wow, so I know a lot of Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ users have been looking at what to do related to the EMV liability shift date. For many of the 1104 stores using RMS that have contacted me, this is the main reason that you are looking at other point of sale programs like Retail Management Hero or NCR CounterPoint.

If your only 'issue' with RMS is the lack of built in EMV/Chip card processing then I would strongly advise taking a look at Card Defender for RMS (and HQ).

Compared to other third party EMV add-ons for RMS, I really like the fact that Card Defender does not have any per transaction charges - just a very nominal flat monthly fee in addition to initial hardware, software and setup costs. Compared to other RMS EMV/Chip card solutions that charge a per transaction fee - which can easily add up to $730/year for even a modestly sized retail store - Card Defender allows for an initial investment.

Oh, and even better - you know I am very opposed to any systems that lock you into using a specific company for merchant services - Card Defender is processor agnostic so you can use the merchant services company that offers you the best rates.

Card Defender works with RMS version 1.3 or higher and also works with HQ for multi-location RMS users.

Plans are to make Card Defender compatible with the new Retail Management Hero point of sale software (subject to what Retail Management Hero ends up offering for payment platforms) which means, for RMS users, Card Defender can be an interim or a long term solution.

Card Defender is already in use at multiple businesses using RMS so this is not something new that you have to worry about being a beta tester for.

No per transaction fees + processing agnostic + established solution = a very cool EMV./Chip card interim or long term solution for Microsoft RMS (and HQ) point of sale software users.

Want more information on Card Defender or have general point of sale questions? If you are in the US, I can be reached at 208-340-5632 (I am on Mountain Time), using the contact form to the right, or via email at


  1. Can you EMV option interface with WorldPay processing?

  2. TSYS, First Data, and Heartland are the certified platforms with Card Defender and RMS version 1.3 - 2.02. Please advise if I can be of further assistance.

  3. Do you have to purchase Card Defender or is it free? Do you resell it?

    1. Hi - Card Defender is sold by RITE directly to stores using Microsoft RMS. Please contact me at 208-340-5632 or for more information on costs. Thanks!