Sunday, June 7, 2015

Most Popular Point of Sale Systems for 2015 (so far)

Thanks to the 200+ businesses and organizations who have contacted me so far in 2015 for free and unbiased point of sale advice and information, I'm able to share what the most popular point of sale solutions are based on what folks have actually been selecting as a point of sale solution for their business or organization.

Most Popular Retail Point of Sale System: Bindo POS ( Bindo combines the cost effectiveness of a mobile point of sale system with features and functions normally only found in legacy point of sale systems than run primarily on computers with the Windows operating system.

Update: another point of sale news and information website has also selected Bindo as the best iPad Retail POS System:

Most Popular Restaurant Point of Sale System: Sapphire from Khamu Solutions ( Sapphire from Khamu Solutions has quietly grown to to offer just about everything that MICROS, Digital Dining, Aloha, and Aldelo offer but at a much lower price point. The praise that I hear from Sapphire users related to the support and customer service offered by Khamu Solutions is second to none.

Most Popular Legacy Retail Point of Sale System: Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems (RMS). I'm honestly surprised by how many businesses and organizations have selected RMS so far this year. While RMS is an awesome point of sale solution (I personally know around 700 stores in the US using RMS), RMS can't be sold to new customers starting in July of 2016 and mainstream support also ends in 2016 so it strikes me as odd that folks would invest in a point of sale solution whose life cycle is ending.

Most Popular Company to Use for Merchant Services: Gravity Payments ( Honest, ethical and treats their employees well - not words normally associated with merchant services companies that offer credit and debit card processing services.

Retail Point of Sale System with the Most Potential: Retail Management Hero ( .  While this point of sale program will likely not be available until late 2015 or early 2016, as a direct replacement for RMS,  Retail Management Hero has huge potential given the 38,000+ retail stores currently using RMS.

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  1. Nice to find a place for unbiased advice - other websites tried to sell my stores information to multiple point of sale companies and I had to stop answering my phone due to the number of calls from salespeople.