Thursday, April 9, 2015

What About Microsoft Dynamics POS 2007/2009 Users?

Update for all Microsoft POS/POS 2009 Users: Upgrade license pricing is being extended to you for the new version of the Microsoft RMS point of sale software - rebranded under the new Retail Management Hero name. Please contact me for more information.

With so much focus having been on Microsoft Dynamics RMS and HQ point of sale programs, folks using Microsoft Dynamics POS 2007 or 2009 may be feeling a bit ignored.  Mainstream support for these point of sale software programs ended some time ago so hopefully stores have already taken steps to replace POS 2007 or 2009.

If you haven't them the upcoming EMV liability shift date (October 2015 in the US) will mean that you will have to look at the following course of action:
  1. If You are Processing Credit & Debit Cards within POS 2007 or POS 2009:
    1. Do nothing and assume all liability for fraudulent transactions
    2. Look at replacing POS 2007/2009 with a point of sale software program that works with EMV/Chip Card hardware
    3. Switch to a separate EMV terminal - easiest fix but opens the door to employee errors and also means that you have to reconcile 2 reports as part of your close out procedures
  2. If You Already Use a Separate Credit Card Terminal:
    1. Ensure that the company that handles your merchant services provides you with new equipment by October 2015 to work with the chip credit and debit cards
Compared to Dynamics RMS, the Dynamics POS software programs did not turn out to be very popular but I know of at least a dozen or so stores still using POS 2009 so I suspect there are a few thousand businesses in the US using POS 2007/2009.

Are you  in the US and in need of no cost retail point of sale advice?  I'm happy to help and can be reached on my cell at 208-340-5632 (I am on Mountain Time) or via email at There is also a contact form to the right that can be used to reach me.

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