Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm not in my store - how can I access my point of sale system?

I'm often asked just how the heck folks are supposed to access their point of sale systems when they are not physically in the store.  There are several options depending on the type of system that you have and what devices you are using. Here are the main options:
  1. Mobile point of sale systems that run on smartphones and tablets:
    • You can take the mobile device with you or use a different mobile device to access your system using the internet or the cell data network should your device have a data plan
    • Many mobile point of sale solutions also allow you to access the non-selling part of your point of sale system by using a web browser
  2. Computer based point of sale systems that are cloud based:
    • Generally all you need then is a web browser and internet access on your computer or mobile device. Capabilities vary by program and what type of computer or mobile device you are using
  3. Computer based systems that are not cloud based:
    • You will generally only be able to access your point of sale system using a computer with remote access software or a virtual private network
If you happen to be using remote access software - make sure that the software is PCI compliant as you don't want to fail a PCI scan. Generally, the business that provides your point of sale system can help you select and use PCI compliant remote access software.

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