Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5 Things You May Not Know That Microsoft Dynamics RMS POS Can Do

Update 13.June.2015: A quick note that I have been receiving multiple calls and emails from Microsoft Dynamics RMS users looking to replace RMS due to the upcoming October 1st, 2015 EMV liability shift deadline as well as the "end of life" status for Dynamics RMS and HQ. I have personal experience with RMS users upgrading to NCR CounterPoint and would be happy to share - just visit my contact page for information on how to reach me. I can also put you in touch with a trusted NCR CounterPoint SQL partner.

Even though we know now that the Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems Store Operations (RMS) software now has an 'end of life' date, many of you have decided to continue using the system until we know more about the various replacement programs for RMS.

The video below highlights 5 things that you may not know that the RMS POS screen can do like:

  1. Dashboard or Snap Shot Performance Summary
  2. Touchscreen Menu
  3. Recording Macros
  4. Changing the POS Screen Layout and Options
  5. Labels for the Function Keys

Not a fancy video and I just hit the highlights - you can always contact Microsoft, your Dynamics RMS partner or myself for more information.

If you have been thinking about replacing RMS, please contact me as I am aware of different discounts and promotions being offered through August of 2014 that would likely be of interest to you. You can reach me using the contact form to the right, via email at kevinantosh@gmail.com, or on my cell at 208.340.5632.

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