Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Features in NCR Customer Connect

New Features Added to NCR Customer Connect

I promised to pass along some of the new features added to NCR Customer Connect which the 'behind the scenes' pro-active email marketing part of the NCR CounterPoint point of sale software.  Customer Connect is unique in that it tracks the full marketing cycle down to showing how much revenue was generated off of each email marketing campaign  - something that you can not easily do in Constant Contact.  Here are the new features in Customer Connect:

  • Create unique item groups to help target the customers that you want to reach
  • Progress on allowing for two way communications within Customer Connect (should be ready by the next Customer Connect release)
  • New support phone number and email address include within Customer Connect
  • Continued improvements in the speed and efficiency within Customer Connect
  • Web tutorials to help you fully utilize Customer Connect
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